Sunday, September 30, 2012

विकल्प-The Option

विकल्प-The Option 

जीवन की कुछ लहरों में
समग्र समर के सागर में 
फिर बंधा हुआ सा - कुछ रुंधा हुआ सा 
माया -तरणी में लहूलुहान सा 

In a few up & downs of my life and  in the integrated sea of all struggles...find myself  bounded by all the worldly relations-find myself a little wailing & highly wounded in this mirage of all attachments..

एक केवट की चाह में

उस महा निषाद की राह में

हर इच्छा में ...चिर प्रतीक्षा में 

विकल्पों के इस व्योम में 

Wishing and waiting a sailor, that Great Nishad (Lord) in all my all prolonged delays of numerous the universe of multiple options related to all bodily relations.. 

एक दामन..जो थाम ले 

सदा के लिए इस गज को 
और छुडा ले चंगुल से 
ग्रहों के इस ग्राह से 
A helpful hand ...who can pick me up and rescue my life entangled in the mouth of dangerous crocodile of constellations of stars (worldly attachments and relations) affecting my whole life.

विकल्प अब भी शेष है
समाधान अब भी शेष है
एक धर्म ..दूसरा अधर्म है 
परिणाम  अब भी शेष है ..
The option is still remaining, the solution is still remaining. On one side, definitely there is the republic (democracy, truth, honesty  for the welfare of society); while on other side, there is corruption & insecurity at all levels...The final outcome is still remaining..

होने दो एक और कुरुक्षेत्र 
मचने दो ..एक महा विनाश 
सत्य -असत्य के विकल्पों में 
वो सत्य ही विकल्प है ...सत्य ही विकल्प है ..

Let there be another Kurukshetra (the battlefield where war between Truth and Injustice was fought). Let there be another war killing thousands criminals. In the options between Truth and Injustice...That ultimate Truth is the only option...Truth is the only option...

-A V Hans

उदघोष -The Benign Broadcasting

"पुनः सर्व सार्थक सत्य यह ...
कर्म ही परम भव्य है ॥ 
उस परम ज्योत का अंश यह ...
अमित अक्षत अदम्य है ॥ 
मत हार हिम्मत, ऐ मानुष! 
कृष्ण रूप वो सबके  भीतर ...
नित देता गीता ज्ञान हमें ...
धर्म: एव स्थाप्यते: ...सत्य: एव विजयते: ..."
i.e. "Again present here is that  almighty truth... "Only duty is supreme. It is arduous, indestructible and  infinite being the part Lord. So please, don't lose your willpower 'O great human', He is present in all of us in the form of soul as sub-part of Krishn... Every time He preach us that divine knowledge of Gita...A Republic will be established..Truth will be Triumphant.."    

Friday, February 17, 2012

भ्राता लोकेश को उनके विवाह (०८/०२/२०१२) पर शुभ-कामनाएँ

अमित विकास हंस 
चिरायु-भव भात्र व भात्र-वधू, शुभ-मंगल आशीष देत..
नाम हंस हो कर्म-सनातन,  वचन सारस्वत देत..
Long live my brother and his newly wedded wife, all my auspicious blessings to them..
May name & fame of Hans be work based eternally, True words by a words-man..
लीला हो फिर भव्य-भाव की, बहु-जन हिताय भवेत्..
नाम हंस हो कर्म-सनातन,  वचन सारस्वत देत..
Again there be an era of great feelings for the beneficial cause and concern of society..
May name & fame of Hans be work based eternally, True words by a words-man..
युगहंस! युगसूर्य बनो तुम, कोटि-कोटि प्रज्व्लेत..
नाम हंस हो कर्म-सनातन,  वचन सारस्वत देत..
O YugHans! May you become the Sun of today's world, shining million-times..
May name & fame of Hans be work based eternally, True words by a words-man..

A V Hans

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lok-Pal Bill: An unwelcomed necessity?

On the occasion of new year 2012, it is obvious to decide our next course of action so as to achieve the zenith of success. But what about that huge round of applause during the 12 days long-fast, attempted by our honorable Sh. Anna Hazare? Yes, we should agree that he is successful in bringing the long-forgotten Lok-Pal bill to at least its recognition. Today, most of us are familiar about the daily discussions going on in Parliament. Leave the question aside, Whether Lok-Pal bill will be passed or not. There are agreements and disagreements round the corners- be it Anna Hazare camp, Congress camp, BJP camp, RJD camp, Trinmool (TMC) camp and various other political-apolitical camps. Everybody is giving his views in the light of democracy. 
Time has come to think that out of so many views, everything cannot be included because before that Lok-Pal Bill we need to redefine "democracy" which is written as  rule by the people. We have done only one mistake that we voted and elected our leader(s) thinking he would do all his efforts to bring prosperity in our area. Which he never tried, as a result he is a total failure. But have we made up our mind not to vote him because of his non-performance?  Reply is - No. Knowing well the consequences, whomsoever we elect, is not going to perform. We'll vote for him. All this is discussed at the grass-root level. Should we not think why there has been a failure? Contrarily, who among us is going to use Lok-Pal against our leader(s) to whom we are loyal whether he is performing or not? 
We may compare this situation as follows:
There is an example of 26/11 Mumbai blast, many of us are killed brutally, No outsider (country Pakistan) was killed, it is We, The People.. who were lost our lives. Our policeman Senior Inspector Sh. Vijay Salaskar who sacrificed his life while trying to arrest Ajmal Kasab on the spot. Even if Kasab is caught red handed we organized trials for him. This is first failure And even the verdict to hang him is out, we are feeding him as a royal guest of honor. This is second failure. Further there are sections in our India demanding his release as he has spent enough time in Jail. They even dared to file a mercy-petition to President of India. We are encouraging them as if we are not having any law and order in this country. This is our third failure. Now, latest on 30th December 2011, Pakistan is sending a 9-members judicial committee  to look into the matter, as our judicial committee working for so many years is useless.This is our fourth failure. 
This is the question before government of India if we are helpless in dealing with such situations of terrorism, scams (2G, CWG, Black money etc) and corruption of all kind. We are really helpless. All this ignited the mind of a common man Like Sh. Anna Hazare. He stood up saying- "I cannot tolerate all this. I will fight for the implementation of a strong Lok-Pal bill called Jan-Lok-Pal bill against the corruption at all levels". But he is an ordinary person like us who is unable to understand all this political dramatic exercise in the parliament that none of them (including opposition) is fairly intended to bring Jan-Lok-Pal bill as it is. 
Now, towards conclusion this is the request to all of us that we should use our own brain. That should not be directed by other person(s). As with case of Sh. Anna Hazare. Fact is that he is not a failure though he did some mistakes - (1) going against the constitutional functioning of parliament, (2) moving towards politicizing the matter against the Congress which is not the fact. There are other parties and persons also who do not want his Jan-Lok-Pal bill to be passed as it is, (3) Even if he is intended, he should go against all those who are against our Jan-Lok-Pal bill rather than persuading people to vote against congress or any other specific person like Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi. (4) and lastly, he should concentrate on implementation on Jan-Lok-Pal bill diplomatically in the same manner in which all of them are playing with him.This matter is not so simple that just by sitting on fast it will be effective. 
However,  these    views    are     totally     personal      &  apolitical,   and   are   concerned with only We, The People..Wishing a very happy new year to all of you. we are proud of Sh. Anna Hazare that at least he raised his voice against the mainstream of corruption. Good day.  
 A. V. Hans

Monday, November 28, 2011

युगवाणी-४: लोकतंत्र

नाद में अनाद के, शब्द में नि:शब्द के..
व्यक्त  में अव्यक्त के, प्रारब्ध में आरब्ध के..
मूल में निर्मूल के..कर्म में अकर्म के..और 
हित में जनहित के..लोकतंत्र निर्दिष्ट है..

i.e. In the naad (sound of silence) of the that anaad (The Lord, generating that sound), in the word of that Wordless (The Lord)..
In the explanation of that unexplained (The Lord), in the fate of that beginner (The Lord).. 
In the origin of that originator (The Lord), in the karma (the Duty) of that akarma (Duty without attachment to its result)..and
In the thinking of the well-being of people...The Democracy is always directed to sovereign us..

Saturday, March 26, 2011


हर जीवन इक समर भया, नित शेष वो आस.
सत-चित अब तो कहीं नहीं, बस आनंद में वास.

Every life has become a struggle, every time there is remained that dissatisfaction. Truth and honesty are now not anywhere, all are living for sense-gratifications.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


फिर से आया त्यौहार रंगों का, गीत रंगों का-मनमीत रंगों का,
नाम कर दें ऊँचा हम सब, गुरु-मात-पिता के अमर प्रेम का..

दोस्तों, आप सभी को होली की हार्दिक शुभ कामनाएँ..आप सभी को हमारा आशीर्वाद..आप सभी विद्यार्थी, अपने माता पिता और हमारे सपनों  को साकार करें.