Monday, November 28, 2011

युगवाणी-४: लोकतंत्र

नाद में अनाद के, शब्द में नि:शब्द के..
व्यक्त  में अव्यक्त के, प्रारब्ध में आरब्ध के..
मूल में निर्मूल के..कर्म में अकर्म के..और 
हित में जनहित के..लोकतंत्र निर्दिष्ट है..

i.e. In the naad (sound of silence) of the that anaad (The Lord, generating that sound), in the word of that Wordless (The Lord)..
In the explanation of that unexplained (The Lord), in the fate of that beginner (The Lord).. 
In the origin of that originator (The Lord), in the karma (the Duty) of that akarma (Duty without attachment to its result)..and
In the thinking of the well-being of people...The Democracy is always directed to sovereign us..